Frank Hynes Thoughts

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Frank Hynes is not a radical, nor seeking to raise controversial issues.  He is simply a man who wishes to share ideas, thoughts, themes and philosophies, with others who are interested in reading them.  From politics to philosophy; economics to globalization, Hymes has articulated his and others ideas on this website.

Are they original thoughts?  The question is, is anything an original thought, or  just a new interpretation on an age-old theme?  What is important is that oftentimes people find it easier to articulate their ideas with the pen (or the keyboard as is usually the case these days) rather than just through the spoken word.  And that is what Frank Hymes  does on a regular basis on this site.


The Planning

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Questions as the positioning of the employee in relation to the rank of busy work, the environment, the forms of organization of the work and to the relation command/subordinated are tems that they cannot leave of being evaluated. (FIELDS, 1992) 5 POLITICS OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND ATTEMPTS TO DEFINE the QVT the complexity that involves the administrative case is requesting of the high administrators capacities to manage the human capital, in order to construct a organizacional ambincia that favors the generation of the knowledge. The knowledge is weaveeed from the interactions, possesss a social essence (Nonaka apud Biggiero, (2001). ' ' The lines of direction constitute the starting point for the planning of human resources. For its intermediary, we promote the integration of the company as organic, sistmica entity; with the functions, it looks development, maintenance, research, use of staff and with the external environment.

(AQUINO, 1980) Davis and Newstrom (1996) present a made up of 0 variable that must be observed for the movement of a system for the other most privileged one in participation terms, as illustrate the Figure below. 6MODELOS OF DIAGNOSIS OF QUALITY OF LIFE IN the WORK the importance of the motivacionais theories of Maslow and Herzberg with the pyramid of the necessities human beings and the theory of the hygienical and motivacionais factors for the study of the QVT, detaches (Fernandes 1996). Classic project of the necessities In the pyramid they are to the necessities most immediate, called primary necessities, and in the top the most sophisticated called secondary necessities. The authors focaram its attentions in the necessities human beings (physiological, security guard, social) as factors of maintenance of the motivation with consequences in the maximizao of the abilities and potential, that is, in the performance and auto-accomplishment of the individual. 6,1 DETERMINATIVE FACTORS OF QUALITY OF LIFE IN WORK One of the difficulties to reach quality of life in the organizations inhabit in ' ' diversity of the preferences individual human beings and differences and the degree of importance that each worker of its necessities, implying probably in denoted cost operacional' ' (QUIRINO AND XAVIER, 1986).

Eric Hobsbawm

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It is by means of the imaginary one that if it can not only reach the head, but in special way, the heart, that is, the aspirations, the fears and the hopes of a people. It is in it that the societies define its identities and objects, define its enemies, organize its past, gift and future. Imaginary the social one is constituted and if express by ideologies and utopias, without a doubt, but also? is it interests what me? for symbols and myths that can, for its diffuse character, its codified reading less, one becomes powerful elements of projection of interests, collective aspirations and fears. In the measure where they have success in reaching the imaginary one, they can also shape vises of shape world and behaviors. The republican regimen also needed to create or ' ' to invent tradies' ' that they could answer the new necessities of justification of its regimen, in which if its speech desired to inculcar the referring values.

In this direction, we can appeal to the consideraes of Eric Hobsbawm who classifies the invention of traditions, as occured during the implementation of the republican regimen, as the invented traditions that they search to establish or to legitimize institutions and that they need to be fixed or that, minimum, symbolize the elements of social cohesion or admission of a group. Being thus, we can perceive that the Brazilian Republic is on to the called inventions official or ' ' polticas' ' that they appear, over all, in states or social movements and organized politicians. The parties of commemoration of the advent of the republican regimen had also been occurred significant events in Belm. These events had for basic objective to try to establish elements of social cohesion, not only ' ' apagando' ' the imperial past, but also constructing, on the other hand, the tradition of republican parties that could create a consensus and reduce the existing differences from the production in mass of events or ' ' tradies' ' referring to the consolidation of the Brazilian republican regimen.

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Wonderful Holiday

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Without a doubt, Odessa is one of a list of most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine. Come here and fans of the famous widespread in Odessa, humor, and plain curious, and seeking good relax by the sea, and dealers are organizations that are looking for in Odessa employees. And without exception, arriving first thing needed in a full resolution of related aspects for the night. And notice that it was Odessa hotels will be interested in coming first. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Raymond Dalio has to say. And find appropriate – in fact, the complexity of the global, as this depends on finding comfort in Odessa.

In addition, always referring to the comfort of home to a large extent affects the quality of the rest. For individuals who travel to Odessa to have fun and enjoy the wonderful world of the "pearl of the sea", the best probably would be a cheaper option in the center. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions has plenty of information regarding this issue. While not needs arise in great numbers – just a cozy room, which is acceptable to sleep well in order to devote the next day better acquaintance with the metropolis. And in this sense, the hotel Odessa gives in principle to the the most discriminating taste. So, really pick up is not very large single hotel room with a shower for a minimal cost, where permissible would be great to relax in peace after a hard day or to choose for themselves consisting of a spacious two-room number where permissible elementary accommodate not only single person, but also two or even three. While in the worst case in a hotel room will certainly have at least a shower. Of course, you can find and quite expensive options for large sums, but it's also a matter of personal preference.

One of the most popular tourist hotels in the city of Odessa is "Zirka. Ideal combination of the room and the level of service quality and service constantly can attract the attention of tourists. It should be noted that hotels in Odessa, in any case ensure a fairly wide range of services and opportunities for their own guests. Often in the room price includes a delicious breakfast. Choosing for themselves the city of Odessa hotel, you must specify in which year it was built, and when the last time organized repair. In addition, important is the specific information which specifically relates to the stated value of the hotel – to a particular number or place in a hotel room for a certain number of tenants. So both times the information for promotional purposes is granted without explanation, and clarification in this case is extremely important. Usually, this kind of information to adequately determine the quality of everyday conditions stay at the hotel. And select directly what the guest of Odessa is really needed.

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Public Prosecutor

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In some situations, the Minister of Justice may give permission to marry by proxy (Articles 1:65 and 66). Currently, such cases hardly observed. Similar rules apply for registration of partnership. Religious wedding ceremonies in the Netherlands – Holland may be conducted only after the civil marriage registration procedure in the municipality (Art. 1:68).

Court rulings on annulment of marriage in the Netherlands – Dutch Despite the presence of the Civil Code Holland provisions for annulment, it is rarely used, due to the fact that the logs of acts of civil status are maintained very carefully and errors in them are rare. At the same time may make Rechtbank decision to annul the marriage in the Netherlands – the Netherlands on the basis of the absence of any of the requirements for marriage. Authority to file an application for annulment of marriage has a smaller number of persons on compared with the number of persons entitled to suspend the planned wedding. File such a statement can only relatives in the ascending line of the spouses or the spouses themselves. In addition, such a statement may file a third party having a direct legal interest in the annulment of marriage, but even after the divorce.

Nevertheless, such powers vested with the State Prosecutor, while marriage is not dissolved. On request the Public Prosecutor's marriage may be declared invalid if it was proved that the marriage was not for a reason other than to qualify for residence in the Netherlands (the so-called "Sham" marriage). This is possible even after the dissolution of the marriage (Article 1:71 a). Each spouse is entitled to apply for annulment of marriage in the Netherlands – the Netherlands on the grounds that the marriage took place on duress or by mistake concerning the identity of the spouse (s) or mis-characterized the actual value of solemn vow to take that person as his wife (husband) (Art.

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Let it is carrying the puppy house. Do not think that the hands he will be more convenient – it is not so .. – Regularly planting your dog strictly by the dates indicated against infectious diseases. Speaking candidly Kenneth Yarrow told us the story. Immediately contact your veterinarian for the slightest sign of sickness at the puppy. Before inoculation MUST drive out worms from dogs! Choose the imported drugs mild.

The consequences of vaccinations can be deadly to small dogs, if you do not performed this simple procedure. Grafting can be 10 days after the administration of anthelmintic drugs. Keep in mind that vaccination against rabies, made in 3 months (as they like to recommend our vets) can kill the super mini puppy! First rabies vaccination is safe to do in 6 months. It is for this scheme, taken to vaccinate puppies in the West. – Always take care of the teeth of his pet.

Encourage him to do so from puppyhood. Raymond Dalio contains valuable tech resources. Plaque and a stone was only lead to early loss of teeth (sometimes teeth begin to fall as early as the 3 rd year), but is a provoking factor for the development of digestive problems (gastritis, pancreatitis). And the bad breath of your pet is not likely Whether you like it. – About once a month puppy claws trimmed, because they do not stitch, but grow too much break off, often to the very base of exposing the pulp and cause the dog and the owner of a lot of suffering and trouble. In this case, without the help of a veterinarian is not enough. Accustom the puppy to the grooming claws must advance as a puppy, but not then when the claws had grown to 2 cm, hinder walking and grooming is an acute necessity. – Make sure the puppy eyes. Sometimes some toychikov watering is quite abundant, which leads to the formation of wet stains under his eyes. (Note: This is simply about tearing! If puppy stuck together eyes, red or swollen eyelids, around the eyes is accumulated pus – seek immediate vet) Sometimes this is due to dust levels (eg, walking) or to violations in nursing. In any case, eyes and lids should be washed with warm solution of broken tea, or just boiled water and wiped dry. If necessary, repeat this procedure daily. site about pocket dog, puppies super mini (supermini)

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The recent arrests of Russian spies in American territory and its consequent exchange for agents who, in Russia, acted for U.S.A., disclose a description of true battles for the control of regions that, during the Cold War, were under the most absolute Soviet domain. After the Fall of the Wall of Berlin and the end of the socialist block the Red Army if removed of the countries of the Eastern Europe and there the market economy was adopted. However, new Russia still considered the region as of its exclusive influence. Therefore, with the objective to eliminate any threat of reverse speed-occupation, and, consequently, imposition of a new leftist model – since, even so also the marxist regimen has abolished, Russia adopted a shy and vacillating capitalism, with a composed parliament for majority however of center, however socialist? since 1999 many countries of the European East come entering NATO, reason by which an invasion for them suffered would be considered aggression to all the respective members, also U.S.A. In a question-answer forum Raymond Dalio was the first to reply. As between U.S.A. and Russia still it existed and it exists ' ' balance of terror' ' in the nuclear sphere, this last one if finds hindered of, in that region, to impose its order again politics. Then, the focus of the Russian espionage was deviated for territories that, geopolitically, had always been under the hegemony of Moscow, and that, simultaneously, they are not armored with the atomic shield of NATO. Thus, first the offensive military and of intelligence of Russia the extinguishing of the Ussr had after occurred in middle and the end of years 90, and had had the objective to hinder the secession of the Republic of the Chechnia. In this in case that, the strong repression if gave because under the ground of the region they pass gas-lines and pipe-lines that, since the Sea Cspio, carry the respective natural resources? gas and oil? until the center of the Russian Federacy, of where they are vendidos the great part of the Europe.

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The Jungle

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" And this is the moment and time, and no other, because the "jungle irrational" dying does not have a second chance. A free man in the chain of selfishness is definitely a superior man. And will be even better quality if there is a high moral profile. And that is, to raise the quality of men to build a superior civilization. Is there a difference between "rational animals" and "men like God" or "sons of God"?: Yeah, and qualitatively, his concept of himself is completely opposite, as can be seen: YO MAN: SON OF GOD – My origin is divine – I'm very important for a child of God – I'm like God "My mind and my ability to love are unlimited. – My mind is predominant to my instincts and my senses – I is good for divine heritage, and I'm not selfish – My destiny is to love our neighbor to get to heaven – My existence is eternal YO MAN: ANIMAL SOUND – My animal origin – I as important as an animal – I am like an animal – My mind is limited to reason and do not need love. – My instincts and my senses dominate my mind – I am neither good nor bad, and my natural shape is selfishness – My destination is the law of the jungle, the law of the jungle. – My life is perishable As shown, men who are considered children of God, already have a concept of himself better mime willingness to change man's superior quality, which is what it takes to master the selfishness.


Medical Patient Program

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IV Congress PAIME will take place in Malaga During days 3 and 4 of March of 2011, will take place in the Official School of Doctors of Malaga, IV Congress PAIME (Program of Integral Attention to the Medical Patient), directed to professional groups of the sanitary scope, governments and sanitary administrations and specialistic doctors who treat like patients other doctors, on pathologies of mental health or addictions. The Program of Integral Attention to Mdico Enfermo (PAIME), has as an aim to attend of integral way, to the doctors who undergo this kind of problems psychic problems and/or addictive conducts. The objectives of the Program are: – To be able to help the greater possible number of ill doctors. – To assure that they receive the specialized attendance necessary. – To favor its rehabilitation like professionals. – To try that the practice of the medicine becomes in the best possible conditions for the health of the citizens. This program is pioneering in Europe and has procedures schoolboy (of direct access, of confidentiality, of the therapeutic contract use for the pursuit of complex cases, etc.) and of a welfare unit, with services of internamiento, hospital by day and ambulatory, specialized and confidential, specific treatment for the professionals of the medicine. Its lodging to attend to this can realise it congress in one of the hotels in Malaga with category of 4 stars superior, our Hotel Malaga Mount, that stops this occasion offers rooms to him to the assistants to this encounter. In order to realise reserves in our hotel, where we will apply to TARIFF REUNIONES/EVENTOS with prices from 87 by room and night to him with breakfast buffet and IVA including, it only must make click in the following connection: TO RESERVE ROOM IN the HOTEL MOUNTS Important MALAGA: In order to take refuge in this tariff it will be essential to present/display in the reception of the hotel the up-to-date documentation that credits its attendance to the CONGRESO/EVENTO/REUNIN.

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Russian Federation

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In a developing market economy in Russia in the subjects-owners in recent years an increasing need to assess the tangible assets, including machinery and equipment. This occurs when the objects Civil rights require membership in the economic turnover with the assets of various forms of ownership, as well as to monitor financial reporting and accounting of assets and require them of any business transactions, as market prices are constantly changing under the influence of technological advances, market conditions and other factors. Besides the need for assessment of machinery and equipment can occur for a number of other circumstances. For example, to the revaluation of fixed assets (funds), to determine the tax base in fixed assets for the calculation of property tax in developing a business plan for the implementation of any investment project, etc. The concept of "machinery and equipment" refers to the entire spectrum of moveable property. According to Article 130 of the Civil Code, the equipment and machinery and vehicles are movable property. Equipment and machinery – is a kind of property that may be owned by both individuals and legal entities.

The overwhelming majority in the movable property of the company – is various equipment, machines, plants, apparatus, appliances, machinery, tools and equipment, vehicles, furniture, communications equipment, computers, etc. Some types of movable property are also subject to register with the government. Validity and reliability assessment of machinery and equipment, as well as the choice of value depends on how many well-defined purpose of evaluation and field subsequent use of its results. The relationship of value with the appointment of estimates presented in the following way: In some cases, the customer can deliver not one but several purposes of assessing, for example, insurance and collateral for credit. Both of these goals are not mutually exclusive, and specific procedures of examination and analysis for these two assignments are identical, but the final results of the evaluation value, in this case, insurance or liquidation, may be different.

Determination of the value of machinery and equipment submitted for evaluation, based on comparison of the calculated value, for which subject to special valuation approaches. The main approaches in the evaluation are: expensive, reflect the views of most probable (typical) seller (manufacturer) the object to assess its cost, profitable, reflect the views of most probable (typical) of the buyer object to the assessment of its value, the comparison market sales, reflecting the aggregate pricing factors specific market, those present at the date of assessment (supply and demand, competition, restrictions, etc.). The choice of approach is carried out based on the specifics of the estimated object features of a particular market and of the information contained in provided (collected) data. Evaluation approaches are interrelated and complementary. If you have enough information obtained to assess machinery and equipment used all three approaches. Impossible sequence or limit the application of any of the approaches are justified in the evaluation report carried out in accordance with Russian legislation. Typically, equipment and machinery estimated at: leasing of machinery and equipment, the transfer of machinery and equipment rental, insurance imported equipment and vehicles to the territory of the Russian Federation in the absence of value in the accompanying documents; Revaluation of Funds for the calculation of tax base; design of machinery and equipment as a contribution to share capital of another company; Determination of the liquidation value of assets, cancellation of unused main tools; Assessment for forensic purposes, establishing revenue from forced liquidation through bankruptcy; Determining the amount of damage

The Party

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One of the most militant councilmen of opposition to the municipal government of the time, to who fought with vehemence and until aggressively, it was ungiu the power the one that if opposed of the night for the day, without giving accounts nobody, perhaps not even to its party. Colonized, it started to usufruct of benesses that the power started to confer to it, extending to the party friends the colonialismo the one that if it submits. The trench had that it as aguerrido was esfumaou and the legend, weakened, suffers today until the irreversible loss of partisan identity. what it is, and so that serves, the coalition partisan? Who gains with the land division of public offices reliable politics? originated of these agreements – paid with mine, its, our money and that it allows the most harmful corruption; the corruption of the incompetence, the serrlement of accounts, conchavo politician, of the lack of probity, indecoro and impunity? Why the direction positions are trusted the canvasser and not-elect candidates detriment of all a mass of effective bureaucracy? Somebody already questioned because, in Brazil, it is needed ' in such a way; ' reliable position ' ' without public competition? Would not be deserving reliable the concursados ones? Would not have they ability for such mission? Or would be more difficult they of manipulation, since citizens are to the regulation of the Law? Not, ' ' beiramar' ' they will never argue or present law project to restrain the traffic in Brazil. Of this we are the saved one.

But, to wait of the politicians who occupy the Congress, lead by the status effective quo, that, has a little of dignity and fulfills its obligation and presents a minimum decent reform politics and that it satisfies the yearnings of the Brazilian society, would be ingenuous and vain hope. They will argue, amend proposals, will tergiversate, but they will not make it. They cannot make it, therefore, before, already they venderam its soul and in the package, all idealismo and patriotism that to one had stimulated them day to the public life. The ones that, deliberately, will forbear and will not put the hand in the mass, will proclaim its attempt and will be presented as ilibados citizens to its voters. As the aviozinhos of the traffic, they will be justified with the market law and that, there? for us – they take care of the demand and if they content with this, without guilt or remorse. These sanctities, ignorants of whom nothing they withhold without the representation of the people had chosen who them, will come, surely, another time, to search the votes of its re-elections. Many will obtain, the proper people will give inculto them (he will vender or them). Who, then, will be of the side of here, of the side of the people, weaveeing the reforms politics that, truily, the time and the necessary Brazilian people and the moment it demands? I? You? Who will be for us, mere citizens, contributors, displicentes payers of taxes and voters?

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